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IslamPeace is a brand new website with islamic peace concepts in view! Peace is what we all want? But as we can see from world events not all people really have this aim even though in many cases it may look so.

Today we are being tricked by man himself and by his own man made Governments. Who is responsible for all this chaos on earth? Man himself of course!

In this day and age of technological communications with its electronic and electrical networks its more easy to try to reach out to the masses. These communication systems are also used and abused by those who think they can trick and brainwash the masses like sheep.

  • What can we do?
  • How can I stop these things?
  • Show what Islam is !
  • Islam is a friendly religion!
  • Islam is a good religion!
  • Islam is the best religion!

I s l a m  i s   P e a c e

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